German Energiewende as a Resilient Alternative

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* Report: Diversity is Strength. The German Energiewende as a Resilient Alternative. By Tadzio Mueller. Source Network /New Economics Foundation / Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, 2017



Michel Bauwens:

This is a really crucial policy paper, because it shows the inter-relationship between 2 , or even 3 crucial factors in the success of the energy transition in Germany:

First of all came the voluntary, politically and ecologically motivated pioneers, who made it politically viable to introduce the second factor, without which it would have stalled or remained a niche.

The second factor is the regulation that permitted feed-in tariffs, which created a safe market to recuperate investments, which was the third factor.

This combination made the enduring success, while in other countries, where such policies and favourable market conditions were not present, the transition stagnated or even regressed.