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* Book: Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration and Reversing CO2 Increase.



Daniel Christian Wahl:

"It is an authoritative guide to some of the most cutting edge methods for soil focussed geotherapy.

The book “presents innovative new technologies for restoring the most productive ecosystems on land while maintaining high biodiversity. It addresses processes and techniques of soil carbon restoration through biogeochemical cycling, biochar, slow-release fertilizers, weathering of minerals (olivine) and rock (basalt) powders, amendments and bio-fertilizers, and the establishment of vetiver and other perennials” (more on Tom’s work focused on increasing soil carbon).

Tom co-authored a book entitled ‘Innovative Methods of Marine Regeneration’ in which he draws on his life time experience in marine science and presents “new techniques for greatly increasing the recruitment, growth, survival, and resistance to stress of marine ecosystems, fisheries, and eroding shorelines, maintaining biodiversity and productivity where it would be lost.”

Over more than 30 years Tom has been a pioneer in experimenting with the use of very low (direct current) electrical stimulation applied through fine steel grids to increase the settlement rate and growth, “and reduced mortality for a wide variety of marine organisms, including corals, oysters, sponges, sea-grasses, and salt-marsh grasses.” This book documents many of the astonishing results from field experiments he as conducted around the world.

Tom’s work is of huge significance as the health of the ocean is a primary determinant for planetary health and human activity has severely damaged marine ecosystems everywhere. The continued acidification of the world’s ocean and the run-away greenhouse gas release this could trigger are an existential threat to humanity and much of life on Earth. Tom’s work actively focussed on avoiding such a climate cataclysm as it offers a pathway to reversing the greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere back to a safe level that would allow the warming to slow and eventually reverse as climate patterns stabilise." (

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