General Idea of the Revolution in the XXI Century

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* Book: Exodus: General Idea of the Revolution in the XXI Century. By Kevin Carson. (upcoming, draft version September 2016)



Chapter 1. The Age of Mass and Maneuver

I. A Conflict of Visions: (both prefigurative visions and visions based on mass and hierarchy coexisted within the nineteenth century)

II. The Triumph of Mass in the Old Left: (focus on organizational size and coordination, insurrectionary assault to capture institutions)

III. The Assault on Working Class Agency

IV. Workerism/Laborism

Chapter 2. The Transition

(technological changes that have made a focus on mass and insurrection obsolete)

I. Cheap, ephemeral production technology, the social factory, and the primacy of social relationships as a source of value

II. Networked communications and free information

III. The impotence of enforcement, and the primacy of circumvention over resistance

Chapter 3. The Age of Exodus ; 1: Horizontalism and Self-Activity over Vanguard Institutions

I. The New Left

II. Autonomism

III. The 1968 Movements and the Transition to Horizontalist Praxis

IV. The Post-1994 Horizontalist Movements

Chapter 4. The Age of Exodus 2: The Abandonment of Workerism

Chapter 5. The Age of Exodus 3: Interstitial Transitional Models

Chapter 6. The Age of Exodus 4: Prefiguration and Exodus over Insurrection

Chapter 7. Critiques From the Old Guard and Responses


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