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Stormy Peters:

"How does GNOME Make Money?

A commonly asked question is "how does the GNOME project make money?". The GNOME Foundation is supported financially by donations. Donations come in several forms which include:

regular donations from individuals who pledge $10/month to the GNOME Foundation through Friends of GNOME

one time donations from individuals or companies through Friends of GNOME

companies who pledge to support the GNOME Foundation with $10,000/year

companies that hire people to work on GNOME projects

companies that sponsor events like GUADEC, GNOME.Asia and hackfests

This financial support has given GNOME the ability to grow as a project. Being able to get most of the community together at our annual GUADEC conference as well as holding smaller local events and hackfests has enabled the community to work closely together, creating desktop technologies that adhere to strong values like freedom, internationalization, usability and accessibility." (

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