For-Purpose Enterprise

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Dennis Wittrock:

"We at sensed the evolutionary need for a cohesive end-to-end system for purpose driven organizations, which picks up on many of the previously as well as newly differentiated pieces and integrates them into a new whole: the For-Purpose Enterprise (FPE).

Initially Tom Thomison joined forces with Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller and Peter Kessels to found in October 2015 with the purpose “to create the legal, financial and social foundations for self-organizing enterprises” and make these solutions portable and easy to apply, so that our clients can fully focus on their own specific purpose without having to reinvent the wheel. In 2016, we re-named the former “Self-Organizing Enterprise (SOE)” to become the “For-Purpose Enterprise (FPE)”. Our current purpose reads “Going Beyond Employment. Liberating Purposeful Work”. Since we ‘eat our own dog-food’ we have bootstrapped our own For-Purpose Enterprise for and continue to refine the construct.

An FPE consists of three containers, the Organization, the Company and the Association. " (