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The word "foike" (fɔɪke) means the cinnamon tree in Mapugundun. It's a sacred tree for the Mapuche (people of the Earth). It's a symbol of concordia and peace. It also plays a more social role in conviviality, access to knowledge, and spiritual connection.

Transdisciplinary collective | hacklab

  • To understand the present world
  • To acquire τέχνες and invent our technology
  • Lightning rewards in affect, ethics, and aesthetics

We propose a co-learning experience in digital literacy. We understand digital technology as a mind amplifier, for the worse or the better. We believe in social emancipation through cooperation. Hence we're looking towards sharing instruments and tools at the individual and collective levels to enrich the living.


árbol ("the tree") is an initiative of the transdisciplinary collective foike. It was born from the will to integrate the various disciplines of science and our own life practices in relation to technology. Our vision of technology can be shortened to technique+society: what is born from their encounter, within, between, around, and beyond their components.

We organize courses as much for novices as for technophiles (who sometimes don't know so much about digital literacy or free software). We maintain a critical and emancipatory position with regard to social media and technology. We use and promote use and creation of free software and free hardware.