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= project to establish Free Currencies

URL = http://flowplace.webnode.com/ faq [1]


From the technical perspective, how does it work?

"The flowplace is an open source Ruby-on-Rails based web-application. It is hosted on our own servers (TheTransitioner.org). Anyone with server space and Rails experience can download the source code (which is freely available on github and run their own flowplace. The flowplace is being developed in close synergy with the metacurrency project, and as such it includes the first implementation of the metacurrency project's eXtensible Game Format Language (XGFL) an XML based language that we have developed for specifying currency types. The flowplace will closely track other metacurrency developments as they become available, especially those components that will help deploy a global metacurrency network so the flowplace will integrate seamlessly into the large ecosystem of currencies that the metacurrency infrastructure with enable." (http://flowplace.webnode.com/faq-/)


Are flowplaces and its free currencies a way to avoid taxes?

Jean-Francois Noubel:

"Absolutely not. Taxes are not tied to a given currency, but to a country and its citizens, regardless of the currency. Transactions conducted using tradable wealth currencies in a flowplace remain taxable if the law that governs the jurisdiction of the transaction says they are. Thus, in the flowplace we will make it is as easy as possible to implement the national tax system in the rules of currencies that need them. But note that other tax systems can also be designed, because the players in many currencies may want to redistribute some wealth among themselves regardless of particular jurisdictions!" (http://flowplace.webnode.com/faq-/)