Five Literacies of Global Leadership

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* Book: The Five Literacies of Global Leadership. Richard Hames.


Richard Hames:

"New research has exposed our leadership paradigm as a outdated mess of flawed models and practices. By working with great leaders and observing their common attitudes and behaviours, Richard Hames has cracked a universal code based on intelligence, appreciation and collaboration. This code unlocks Five Literacies of Global Leadership.

These behaviours are the trade secrets of the artists and alchemists among us. Often instinctively, these leaders charge others with energy, search for new perspectives and embrace diversity. And they are driven by dialogue. This book reveals approaches and attitudes that they all share - and that can make anyone an exceptional leader."


From the Inside Flap

"This is a ground-breaking book. It presents a powerful case for worldviews that transcend ideology, history and culture and work towards collaborative solutions to the problems of our planet. if our leaders could rise above self-interest and greed to implant the five literacies, humanity would have a more assured and viable future." - Ziauddin Sardar, Editor, Futures

"the Five Literacies of Global Leadership is a comprehensive and often fascinating look at the confused state of the world today. The points made by the author are sharp and well focused. the points made by the author are sharp and well focused. the frameworks suggested are a way of guiding thinking into a more constructive mode. This book is well worth reading." - Edward de Bono, Author

"I am honoured to be asked to endorse the Five Literacies of Global Leadership, which provides fresh insights and a valuable framework for those who aspire to authentic leadership." - John McFarlane, CEO, ANZ Banking Group

"Erudite, exceptionally well researched and captivating in its sheer breadth and approach...this book has it all! It should be required reading for all those who aspire to lead in today's uncertain world." Goodnews Cadogan, Chairman, Human Capital Institute - Africa

"This is the single most important book on leadership to be published in the past 50 years. Indispensable. read it!" - Andrew Greatrex, Chairman, Global Leaders Network

"Today, perhaps more than ever, the world needs great leaders. In The Five Literacies of Global Leadership Richard Hames Provides a challenging and powerful model of leadership. the book caused me to reflect on my own behavior and experience, and I am sure would be of interest to all those who aspire to be better leaders." - Vivienne Cox, Executive Vice President, Gas, Power & Renewables, BP

"Richard is an innovative and provocative thinker who shines a new light on the notion of leadership. he applies his huge experience, and his scientific and philosophical training, to offer a different take on how truly great leaders grow. Always worth listening to , Richard Challenges us to take a holistic view and not to tolerate the conventional and obvious." - Ann Ewing, Head of Learning and Development, HSBC

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