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"Collective Intelligence is the center of my work. For the last decade I have immersed in its vast body of knowledge and focused on learning processes, tools and technologies that enable organizations and communities to augment their intelligence and capacities in an integral way (mind, body and spirit). My path was nurtured and enriched by co-founding 'The Collective Intelligence Research Institute (CIRI)' and The Transitioner with Jean-Francois Noubel.

I find joy in the design and facilitation of group experiences, either physical or online. I have a devoted practice in the art of harvesting as its is the shared collective memory. Harvesting makes the Whole visible to all the parts and makes it possible to move the work forward. My biggest collective intelligence process was a 'Shared Vision' strategy that I co-developed for a 19,000 accountants association in Mexico. Recently I co-designed an international event for leaders of the Cosmetics and Perfume industry called 'Centifolia', based in France. We used Storytelling and Data to connect to conscious markets around the world and developed a very innovative practice on the use of data to collect insights and reach breakthroughs.

Another key part of my collective intelligence knowledge an experience is in the realms of social media, elearning, personal knowledge management, content strategies and online collaboration practices. I have an extended online life and love to create, engage and garden online communities.

I consider myself a pioneer in the Next Economy scene. I have activated many projects, enact the new economy in my own life and business and have a commitment to in-depth research of leading edge models, public speaking and consulting for organizations and communities that are interested in new economic models (local, collaborative and gift economy, currency design/implementation and gamification). A project dear to my heart as I believe it holds keys for new DNA for our social organisms is the Metacurrency Project for which I am a holder, catalyst and active player. Metacurrency is the key philosophy for all my projects. I implemented a LETS currency in Tepoztlán, Mexico which is alive and growing.


Village Lab is a new organization focused in the 'Resilient and Regenerative Communities Movement'. My work in VillageLab is very versatile. I co-design the organization to be agile, self-managed, resilient and human-centered. Give a lot of attention to its economic system as it is the harmony and well-being for all my peers, partners and the communities we work with. Inside and out. As a co-founder I play in every part of its evolution as it is a new organization. From whole systems design and consulting with our client-partners, to web strategy, branding and content. Its a very fluid and fulfilling work where I can apply all my skills in Collective Intelligence and New Paradigm Economics as well as develop new ones."

More Information

  1. http://metacurrency.org
  2. http://villagelab.net