Fedora Project Greece

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URL = http://el.fedoracommunity.org/


"Greek team of developers participating in the development and localisation of the linux-based Fedore operating system.Fedora is an operating system based on Linux, which shows what the latest in the field of free software. Fedora is free for anyone to use, modify and distribute and is developed by people around the world who work together as a community. The group consists of people who love the Free and Open Source, but most of all the operating system and project Fedora.

Actively contribute, each in his own way, the direct and rapid development of Fedora, both at national and global level. You will find them in one of the dozens of technology event taking place every year in Greece and the world, dressed in blue and ready to solve your any questions." (http://meipi.org/mappingthecommons.meipi.php?open_entry=28)