Farm Machinery Cooperatives

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  • Article: Farm Machinery Co-operatives. An Idea Worth Sharing. By ANDREA HARRIS & MURRAY FULTON. Centre for the Study of Co-operatives. University of Saskatchewan, 2000



"Documents the results of a simple financial model developed to compare the costs of owning selected types of farm machinery as individual farmers and as members of a farm machinery co-operative. This is one of a series of three booklets documenting the results of a study examining the applicability of different types of farm machinery co-operatives to Saskatchewan agriculture.

(A second booklet, The CUMA Farm Machinery Co-operatives, focusses on a type of farm machinery co-operative successfully used by a large number of farmers in Québec. The third booklet, Farm Machinery Co-operatives in Saskatchewan and Québec, describes different organizational structures used by members of farm machinery co-operatives in Saskatchewan and Québec, and provides some guidelines for forming successful farm machinery co-operatives.)