Facilitation Techniques

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There is a wide variety of facilitation techniques, which help groups with working together and making decisions in an inclusive way.

Here are some organizations selected by Richard Moore at http://escapingthematrix.org/resources.html

Dynamic Facilitation for Group Transformation, by Tree Bressen. Eugene, Oregon: The Co-Intelligence Institute, August 25, 2000.

URL = http://www.co-intelligence.org/dynamicfacilitationGT.html

“This great article about Jim Rough’s remarkable group process was written by a student of Jim’s who is majorly involved with consensus process and the intentional communities movement. It is the best material currently available in writing on the process behind the Wisdom Council.â€? —Tom Atlee, Co-Intelligence Institute.

See also Atlee’s brief write-up on dynamic facilitation [1]

TheFacilitator.com – http://www.thefacilitator.com/

“The Facilitator is a quarterly publication written for facilitators by facilitators since 1993.â€?

Facilitation User Groups Contact [2]

FIC Process Consultant Clearinghouse – http://fic.ic.org/process.html

Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your meetings? Is your group confused about process agreements? Do you need help dealing with a “hotâ€? issue? The people listed here may be able to help.

Horizons of Change – http://www.horizonsofchange.com

“HORIZONS is a group of experienced organization development consultants and community organizers, specializing in “whole systemâ€? approaches to organization and community development and change.â€?

International Association of Facilitators (IAF) – http://www.iaf-world.org

“The IAF encourages and supports the formation of local groups of facilitators to network and provide professional development opportunities for their members. Regional groups from around the world are invited to become affiliated with the IAF to help promote the profession of facilitation as a critical set of skills in the global society of the 21st century.â€?

See also: Certified Professional Facilitators [3]

The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD)

URL = http://thataway.org

“The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation is a network of nearly 300 organizations and individuals who regularly engage millions of Americans in dialogue around today’s critical issues. Often led by trained facilitators and oriented toward community problem-solving, these groups offer one of the few hopeful signs of growth in American democracy today.â€?

Tree Bressen’s Group Facilitation Site – http://www.treegroup.info

“Tree Bressen is an experienced facilitator working with nonprofits, cohousing groups, activists, schools, and a wide variety of other organizations. Her base is in intentional communities, groups of people who live together and have to deal with each other every day! Her work arises from a desire for people to learn the communication skills that will enable all of us to build a better world together. Tree gives workshops on consensus decision-making, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, and related subjects.â€?