Fabio Barone

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My main competence lies in software engineering. I am an open source enthusiast, seeing collective intelligence as an emerging pattern infusing a collaborative paradigm. Technology, used consciously, enhanced with free accessible information and participative processes, is THE tool to really eradicate poverty and to construct a just society of equals.

I am passionate about a P2P society, open and free information, open everything, collaboration and co-creation, but also about healthy food, organic agriculture/permaculture/agroforestry/CSA etc. (as a supporter, not practician, so far...).

I also believe that one of the most pressing issues today is the unsustainable economy, so I have a strong interest in alternative money systems (despite having only superficial skills in economic issues). Currently I work with STRO (Social Trade Organization) on the cyclos software for complementary currencies.

Much of current interests and work has led to associations with Coalition of the Willing, the espians, Open Hardware and Design Alliance, Dreamfish.

I have a degree in IT and telecommunications and a MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College / University of Plymouth, UK. My MSc thesis , "Distributed networked biobased economies", can be downloaded here. I am also a passionate musician and dancer. I have published my own albums under Creative Commons license at Jamendo: holoniverse.

Last but not least, I love nature and time spent to enjoy it, especially with hiking. I speak German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.