Examining the Relational Dimension of Resource Allocation

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* Article: K. Sheneberger and G. van Stam, "Relatio: An Examination of the Relational Dimension of Resource Allocation," Econ. Financ. Rev., vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 26 - 33, 2011.

Available via https://machaworks.academia.edu/GertjanVanStam/


The indigenous traditions and values of African peoples have been viewed as being behind the times. Disregarding established, functioning systems of African resource allocation has led to a system of interaction out of touch with local cultural priorities. Through a review of literature, augmented by qualitative interviews and observational analysis, the evolutionary nature of rationality is revealed; demonstrating the necessity for our understanding of economic choice to be adjusted to involve broader conceptions of its constitution, restraints, and motivations. It is derived that two parallel systems for addressing basic questions of choice and resource management exist; a traditional “rational” Western system, and a “relational” African system. After establishing these intersecting systems, the value of African uniqueness is appreciated. This paper attempts to build upon the work of other economists in the addition of a “relational” component of rationality, informed by both social and material forms of capital.

Full paper at http://www.academia.edu/750041/Relatio_An_Examination_of_the_Relational_Dimension_of_Resource_Allocation

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Bio and publications via http://machaworks.academia.edu/GertjanVanStam/Papers


This paper led to further publications, which are:

G. van Stam, "Oral Budgeting in rural Macha, Southern Province, Zambia," Anthropol. Notebooks, vol. 18, no. 3, p. 41 - 46, 2012. http://www.drustvo-antropologov.si/AN/PDF/2012_3/Anthropological_Notebooks_XVIII_3_vanStam.pdf

W. P. Weijland, "Mathematical Foundations for the Economy of Giving," Cornell Univ. Libr., 2014. http://arxiv.org/abs/1401.4664

The Relatio concept is part of the 'Big Five' of African nature, see “Thoughts on African Content and Implementation Strategies involved in ICT Access in (rural) Africa,” in HSRC, Seminar Series, 2014, available at http://www.academia.edu/6524328/Thoughts_on_African_Content_and_Implementation_Strategies_involved_in_ICT_Access_in_rural_Africa