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Rajani Kanth:

"Capitalism is bad enough all by itself , given its grasping, huckstering, ways: but, once coupled with AI, becomes the deadly scourge it is today : to basic morality, to the public interest, to social justice, social and economic stability, ecological balance, and the very existence of the planet, and its varied species.

That is the Source of all that ails the word today. This toxic brand of the ‘sovereign individual’ has had a long, 250 year tenure in the west has no parallel in Non-European but still E-Modernist formations.

In other words, they may be capitalist, but they have not yet sunk into the abyss of AI.

In fact, the essential tension, and the associated lack of a truly mutual understanding, between the West and the Other, to this day, despite centuries of extended contact, rests entirely on this singular, ontic/epistemic foundation.

Remarkably, the antic communal bond, almost invisibly, still holds these societies back to some last vestige, still remaining, of responsibilities owed : beyond self , and selfishness.

Indeed, this phenomenon defines not only the schism between the West and the Other, but also within European formations themselves.

The Anglo-Norman formations achieved this radical state of being, far ahead of other European societies even within Europe.

The significant difference , par exemple, between Anglo-Norman Capitalism, and Icelandic, or Danish, capitalism rests precisely upon such a fulcrum.

Pro-social behavior is as expected , in the one: much as self- oriented asocial behavior is expected in the other.

To take a trivial example:

- park benches, incorporating so-called ‘hostile’ design, and notions of that general, misanthropic nature, are standard fare in the one, but would be almost inconceivable in the other.

Non-trivially this is why Iceland jailed its rogue bankers : whilst the US bailed them.

Indeed, even were such instances of asocial behavior be found amongst the latter societies, they would go wholly against the grain of these societies, in an important sense.

Put another way: Iceland and Denmark still retain traits of their tribal past – in fact , in many senses, they are still tribes - whereas the EM juggernaut flattened that communal sensibility in Anglo-Norman formations , quite effectively, a long while ago." (