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  • Number of participants: 113 (until 11/12/2012)


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Estudio Livre (as in free/open studio) is an environment which stimulates and enables the production, distribution and development of free media. It does this through personal weblogs, downloadable archives, user manuals, forums, working groups, discussion lists and other collaborative work tools. All of those tools are based on the concepts of free software, free knowledge and appropriation of technology. Estudiolivre is unique as a collaborative Brazilian Portuguese speaking network, which researches and develops experimental and professional software livre for multimedia production. The stimulations to the interaction with this environment are presented through personal weblogs, media for download, manuals for users, forums, research groups, discussion lists and other unique collaborative work tools. It is understood in this way that collaborative working groups are only possible if individual actions are taken. Without it, the meaning of 'group' and 'collaboration' would cease to exist and the work would have as an author the 'nobody'. This initiative was restricted to the Portuguese language, but new interactions with the world wide net that also researches and develops professional and experimental media production applications is beginning as the new website interface is being translated to other languages and people are asked to contribute. The community involved in Estudio Livre realizes that the use of free software in creative processes is a way to improve the circulation of cultural 'goods'. For in such a way, the mentor group, in a partnership between the Brazilian government, non-profit making organizations and civil society, is delivering an interactive environment to support the whole process of implantation of the Pontos de Cultura (Cultural Hotspots). Each of which , through an interface to, are becoming mediactive in the network. The feedback loop will mean that the terms user and developer cease to exist and it is culture itself which influences the direction of the collective.[1]


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