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Erik Olin Wright specializes in class analysis, the basic income, 'real utopias' that are attentive to the institutional conditions of their realization.

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"Erik Olin Wright is Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Among his various honors at Wisconsin, he has received the Romnes Fellowship, the C. Wright Mills Distinguished Professor Award, the John D. MacArthur Professorship, the Vilas Distinguished Research Professorship, and the University of Wisconsin Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Wright came to Wisconsin from the University of California - Berkeley, where he received his Ph.D. (Sociology, 1976). He has also been trained in History at Oxford, Social Studies at Harvard, and Unitarian Universalism at Starr King School for the Ministry.

Research Interests

Dr. Wright is one of the leading scholars of Marxian class analysis. He is the author of seven books on social class, some of which have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean, and the book series editor of the Real Utopias Project at Verso. His most recent monograph, Class Counts: Comparative Studies in Class Analysis (Cambridge, 1997), won an honorable mention for Distinguished Publications from the American Sociological Association. In the last five years, his articles and essays have appeared in American Sociological Review, Theory and Society, Politics and Society, International Journal of Health Services, New Left Review, Contemporary Sociology, and American Journal of Sociology as well as various edited volumes.

Dr. Wright is currently working on several projects. Together with Michael Burawoy, he is writing a short book on the sociological foundations of Marxism. He is editing two volumes: Deepening Democracy, volume IV of the Real Utopias series, which contains case studies of attempts to establish "empowered participatory democracy;" and Alternative Foundations of Class Analysis, which assembles foundational statements about class analysis from various theoretical perspectives. Dr. Wright is also working on a "moral audit" of institutions in America and an empirical analysis of job expansion in the 1990s." (

Erik Olin Wright has written a series of remarkable essays and book.

- On empowered deliberative democracy, five experiences, including the participative budget at Porto Alegre, are analysed, see

- Book reviews of Charles Tilly's Durable Inequality and Alex Callinicos' Equality, at and Easy introductions, in the form of interviews, to his lifeling work on class and inequality



More on the basic income:

- Redesigning redistribution, at

- Basic income as a socialist project at Five books on 'Real Utopias'

Associations and Democracy, by Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers, with contributions by Paul Q. Hirst, Ellen Immergut, Ira Katznelson, Heinz Klug, Andrew Levine, Jane Mansbridge, Claus Offe,, Philippe Schmitter, Wolfgang Streeck, Andrew Szasz and Iris Young. Edited and introduced by Erik Olin Wright (Volume I, Real Utopias Project Series, London: Verso, 1995)

Equal Shares: making market socialism work, by John Roemer, with contributions by Richard J. Arneson, Fred Block, Harry Brighouse, Michael Burawoy, Joshua Cohen, Nancy Folbre , Andrew Levine, Mieke Meurs, Louis Putterman, Joel Rogers, Debra Satz, Julius Sensat, William H. Simon, Frank Thompson, Thomas E. Weisskopf, Erik Olin Wright. Edited and introduced by Erik Olin Wright (Volume II, Real Utopias Project Series, London: Verso, 1996)

Recasting Egalitarianism: New Rules for Accountability and Equity in Markets, States and Communities, by Sam Bowles and Herbert Gintis with contributions by Daniel M. Hausman, John E. Roemer, Erik Olin Wright, Karl Ove Moene, Michael Wallerstein, Peter Skott David M. Gordon, Harry Brighouse, Elaine McCrate, Andrew Levine, Paula England, Steven N. Durlauf, Ugo Pagano, Michael R. Carter, and Karla Hoff. Edited and Introduced by Erik Olin Wright. (Volune III, Real Utopias Project Series, London: Verso, 1999)

Deepening Democracy: institutional innovations in empowered participatory governance, by Archon Fung and erik Olin Wright, with contributions by Rebecca Neaera Abers, Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Joshua Cohen, Patrick Heller, Bradley C. Karkkainen, Rebecca S. Krantz, Jane Mansbridge, Joel Rogers, Craig W. Thomas, and T.M. Thomas Isaac. (Volume IV of the Real Utopias Project Series, London, Verso, 2003)

Redesigning Distribution: basic income and stakeholder grants as cornerstones of a more egalitarian capitalism, by Bruce Ackerman, Ann Alstott and Philippe van Parijs, with contributions by Barbara Bergmann, Irv Garfinkle, Chien-Chung Huang , Wendy Naidich, Julian LeGrand, Carole Pateman, Guy Standing, Stuart White, and Erik Olin Wright (Volume V of the Real Utopias Project Series, London: Verso, in press 2005)

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