Equitable Regulation of Rentals

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* Guidebook: Regulating Short-term Rentals: A Guidebook for Equitable Policy. Sustainable Economies Law Center

URL = http://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1VPWTZ0vw6MTVh2b182QTFVV1E/view


Sharon Ede:

"The Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) in Oakland, California, has produced a guidebook for equitably regulating short-term rentals entitled, “Regulating Short-term Rentals: A Guidebook for Equitable Policy.” The gist of the guide is to legalize some aspects of STR (short term rentals) activity, while ensuring the public interest is protected. The guide covers areas of concern for hosts, guests, communities, and local governments, including protection of affordable housing supply, ensuring the well-being and safety of guests, respecting the rights of neighbors, ensuring public tax revenues are maintained in ways that are fair to short-term rentals and commercial hotels, and ensuring reporting and recordkeeping.

SELC suggests that policymakers consult the guide for general principles, but tailor the recommendations to each city’s particular circumstances in dialogue with all local stakeholders. The guidebook was released in 2016, so it is yet to be adopted by a city in its entirety. However, a number of municipalities have developed local ordinances aligned with the guide. For example, Lisbon recently joined Paris, Amsterdam, and a number of U.S. cities in signing an agreement with Airbnb for responsible home sharing, while enabling Airbnb to collect and remit tourist taxes to the city on behalf of hosts." (http://www.shareable.net/sites/default/files/SharingCities_FullBooktoPDF_v2%281%29.pdf)

More Information

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The case study excerpt is from the book:

  • Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons. Shareable, 2017

URL = http://www.shareable.net/sites/default/files/SharingCities_FullBooktoPDF_v2%281%29.pdf