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"Energy Finance is about Energy = Currency

Advocating the financial tools that are needed for quick/massive energy transition investments. By this preventing companies, banks, pension funds, governments and currencies to collapse. The relation between energy and economy, governmental budgets and currency values is very direct. Economic history tells us that energy availability/prices drives both economic growth and decline. The survival of financials is very directly attached to the presence of economic growth.

This is not very well know, but nevertheless very true: loans are the driver of money creation, If no new loans are issued, the money creation stalls and so no new money is created for interest payments. The survival of governments and currencies is directly connected to economic perspectives. No governmental structure nor currency value will survive economic meltdown.

Yet as we use energy for everything, rising energy prices will bring any economy on its knew. Without change to a fuel free model energy, we break the back of our economies by expensive fossil energy. Eating out the positive effects of every efficiency improvement, the fossil energy road will bring us down. The fossil energy model is terminal: what has build our prosperity will break it if we decide to keep it. According to the oil industry there is no problem. They don't like the development of alternatives. In the perspective of the environmental movement energy is bad. They don't like prosperity very much. Time to stop listen to both these double agendas and to start some independent thinking." (

More Information

  • The Planck Foundation advocates a comprehensive integration of monetary/energy/economic sciences