Empire Dynamics of China

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* Article: The Life Cycle Model and Empire Dynamics of China. Peng Lu and Dianhan Chena.

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"aims to investigate the rise and fall process of major empires (N=18) in the 2132-year history of China, from BC 221 to AD 1912. The core principle is to find the optimal solution, which achieves the best matching between simulated and real target empires.


Here, we focus on the continuous rise and fall cycles of empires, and China has provided ideal big data of historical trends. For 18 major empires or dynasties in history of China, the life cycle pattern is robust and persistent. No matter how harsh conditions at the early stage, new empires will grow stronger and stronger until the peak stage. No matter how strong, glorious, and prosperous it can be in history, the empires (Han, Tang, Ming & Qing) are doomed to be decline and die. As a unique sample of sequential empires and dynasties, the dynastic periodicity of Chinese history has been long discussed by Historians"