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= a form of Emissions Reduction Currency System used in Edogawa, Tokyo that is an initiative of the local Jōdo Shinshū Jukou-in temple.

URL = http://juko-in.or.jp/Eactivity.htm


"In this scheme, the temple and devotees purchase solar panels and sell the excess power to the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The temple then takes the difference between the price paid by the Tokyo Electric Power Company and the price paid for natural energy in Germany and sells Green Power Certificates as a fund raiser for the temple. Purchasers of the Green Power Certificates are given 30 Edogawatt bills per certificate. "These are currently being used among people ... as a certificate of debt or obligation in exchange for baby-sitting, carrying loads, translating and other small jobs. They have provided an incentive for creation of a mutual aid society within the community and we would like to make them a tool for deepening interpersonal relationships and trust."