Ecological Stress, Climate Changes, and World System Transformation

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* Book: The Recurring Dark Ages: Ecological Stress, Climate Changes, and System Transformation (World Ecological Degradation). by Sing C. Chew. AltaMira Press, 2006

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"In this modern era of global environmental crisis, Sing Chew provides a convincing analysis of the recurring human and environmental crises identified as Dark Ages. In this, his second of a three-volume series concerning world ecological degradation, Chew reviews the past 5,000-year history of structural conditions and processes that define the relationship between nature and culture. Chew's message about the coming Dark Ages, as human communities continue to reorganize to meet the contingencies of ecological scarcity and climate changes, is a must-read for those concerned with human interactions and environmental changes, including environmental anthropologists and historians, world historians, geographers, archaeologists, and environmental scientists."


Dr. Chew's long awaited sequel to World Ecological Degradation provides the reader with new insights on the contemporary environmental crisis by providing a broad, long-range perspective on the interactions between natural changes and cultural changes. Interdisciplinary in scope, rich in theory and data, The Recurring Dark Ages helps the reader understand globalization in historical perspective.

- (Devall, Bill)

Sing Chew offers groundbreaking insights for anyone seeking help in understanding the uneven course of the history of human culture in the context of nature. By a fine analysis of the times often discounted in world histories, Sing Chew provides a masterful new way of seeing the import of the interaction of human societies and the forces of the natural world.

- (Hughes, J Donald)

Recurring Dark Ages takes ecological disasters based on systematic long-term overexploitation back to the beginnings of urban life and early industrialization in the Bronze Age. Sing Chew thus situates Dark Ages in a long-term historical perspective linked to the operation of an ancient world system. The book provides an original historical framework for understanding Dark Ages past and present.

- (Kristian Kristiansen)

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