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= a Spanish energy cooperative working towards ‘solar revolution’.



"#DeSolBediencia’. It is a play on the Spanish words sol (meaning sun) and desobediencia (disobedience), and the name of a recent campaign by ECOOO, a Spanish energy cooperative working towards ‘solar revolution’.

By collectively buying up large numbers of solar panels, ECOOO can offer them at low-cost to citizens wanting to generate their own electricity. At this point, it is a risky proposition. A few weeks ago the Spanish government announced an extra tariff on self-produced energy—and an intention to search homes to catch those avoiding it.

Domestic energy production is just one of many alternative forms of economic activity being explored by people like Jordi. In a country severely hit by the financial crisis, overall unemployment stands at 26 per cent, rising to 55 per cent among the young.

Different economic models are taking root, with experimental projects across all sectors: production, distribution, consumption and services." (