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= a P2P social market. On Dropis you can trade items, favors and work items with your friends, without using money.

URL = http://www.dropis.com


1. Joel Dietz:

"Recent "sharing currency" startup with ideal of replacing money within the collaborative consumption market. Only two employees and currently confined to Italian market. Significant early adoption and fan following within collaborative consumption enthusiasts."


"Created by Sebastiano Scròfina and his friends in Roma, the start-up aims to create the first and unique currency for the sharing economy! A new way for everyone to value our goods and services between different co-working, car-sharing, car-pooling or housing rentals platforms aside from money." (http://collaborative-cities.com/)


Short-term goal

Dropis focus right now (June 2012) is to make offering something on Dropis market simple and enjoyable. Dropis also aims at ease meeting with friends needs and interests and swap value. In this first phase the team aims to embrace everything that you would never trade/do in exchange of money and/or for strangers, but that is enjoyable and fun to do/echange with friends.

Nowadays you can buy on Dropis non-essential things, but unique in their qualities, which would be very difficult to buy with money. It is mainly about experiences.

External resources

Here a presentation by Sebastiano Scròfina (Dropis Co-Founder) that recaps on the currency related issues on Slideshare