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= "A license for developers who write open source code to make the world a better place".

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Also called the Hippocratic License


"As developers we can no longer close our eyes to the fact that open source code is being used by individuals and organizations to the detriment of our society.

The Do No Harm License is for developers that agree in general with the principles of open source software, but are uncomfortable with their software being used as part of efforts to destroy lives, our environment and our future.

In short, developers who use this license want their code to contribute to a just world for all."


"This license is based on the BSD 3-clause license, but with specific exclusions for using licensed code to promote or profit from:

  • violence, hate and division,
  • environmental destruction,
  • abuse of human rights,
  • the destruction of people’s physical and mental health "


Klint Finley:

"Earlier this year dozens of software projects adopted the "Anti-996 License," which requires users to comply with both local and international labor standards, in response to reports of grueling working conditions at Chinese technology companies. Ehmke believes that the backlash against ICE, which extends beyond the technology community, might be a tipping point.

Others point to the possibility of establishing a new term for code that is open for most uses but restricted for others. "Maybe we stop calling it 'open source' and start calling it 'open for good source,'" tweeted Vargo, the programmer who deleted code to protest ICE, last month. The term "open source" was adopted in the late 1990s as an alternative to "free software," which was tied to more ideological aims. As developers become more ideological, it would be only fitting for yet another term to emerge." (

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