Distributed Generation with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources

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* European research project: DISPOWER, Distributed Generation with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources

URL = http://www.iset.uni-kassel.de/dispower_static/


Project Period: 1.1.2001 - 31.12.2005; Supported by the European Commission under the 5th Framework Programme and contributed to the implementation of the Key Action 5 "Cleaner energy systems, including renewables" within thematic programme Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development - Contract No. ENK5-CT-2001-00522

The project has been coordinated by ISET e.V., Kassel/Germany. The consortium consisted of 38 different partners from utilities, power industry, service companies, research centres and universities from 11 European countries.

The broad European basis of the consortium facilitated an intensive exchange and dissemination of national knowhow and experience.

The project DISPOWER has significantly contributed to the further development of technology as well as to the European exchange of experience in the field of integrating small and distributed generators into the electricity distribution grid. The central question was as follows: how does the technology has to be developed so that the growing number of decentralized energy resources can be further integrated into the European electricity grids in the future, without losing reliability, safety and quality?

DISPOWER is part of the European Research Project Cluster "IRED" of the EU projects Fenix, More Microgrids, Solid-DER, DER-Lab, SUSTELNET, DGNET, INVESTIRE, DISPOWER, MICROGRIDS, CRISP and DGFACTS. Please visit http://www.ired-cluster.org for more information.

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