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Joel Dietz et al.:

"A Distributed Collaborative Organization or DCO is a proposed form of organization with characteristics that include: 1) primary governance and operations are conducted via a distributed network (blockchain); 2) stakeholders are afforded with a more active and possibly democratic role in the management and operation of the organization and 3) the interests in the organization are structured with so as to fall outside of the existing, conventional definition of a security under U.S. Securities law. The concept of a DCO has emerged to address the demand for a more collaborative organization that can allow more decentralized participation - and perhaps, in the future, economic participation - in companies that cannot currently raise capital from or grant traditional interests to the general public." (https://swarm.gitbooks.io/dco-book/content/dco-model-template.html)


"DCO as an evolution of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

A DCO is an example of what is generally called a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization by which the general structure exists on a Blockchain. The way this works is by a technology known as a “smart contract” by which a piece of computer code determines what is done at any point, typically including some token that has financial value. There is no necessary or explicit human agency in the concept of a DAO, but there very often are ways that humans can interact with one, including the possibility of structuring in stakeholder systems that allow some degree of control.

The proposed DCO structure is a substantial modification and enhancement of the DAO structure in that it allows for a human interface and interactions with a DAO such that the trust is extended into the human world and distributed through a number of stakeholders. This potentially allows the DAO to evolve or build in integrations into the existing world." (https://swarm.gitbooks.io/dco-book/content/dco-model-template.html)

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