Direct vs Indirect Domination

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R.C. Smith:

"free market capitalism, with its concept of ‘universal exchange’, historically takes the place of direct domination. For (Ayn) Rand, money is the strongest instrument for freedom because as a form of exchange, money mediates in principle between two separate individual parties, wherein both sides of the exchange ‘freely’ reach an agreeable trade that suits them both. While Zizek is right to suggest that we can refute Rand’s conclusion that our only option is the rule of money or direct domination – that without money direct domination will need to be restored and freedom will be eroded – the problem we face is nevertheless clear:

If capitalism as a system of in-direct domination (i.e., Marx’s analysis of the abstract nature of domination evidenced by the type of social relations that the system of capital produces) emerged in history as an alternative to systems of direct domination – the fundamental question we face becomes, then, how might we formulate, in the present, a truly progressive and emancipatory (systemic) alternative without reproducing direct or in-direct systems of domination?" (