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= a dynamic and crowdsourced map of organisations that work on digital social innovation



Geert Lovink:

"The main purposes of the DSI site are:

1. Learn about DSI and get inspired. Showing citizens and the general audience the potential of DSI, being able to explore projects and organisations in the field, learn about new technology trends, learn about emerging digital social innovation areas, explore case studies examples

2. Discover funding opportunities and support you can get from investors, incubators, accelerators or policy makers. Funders can also discover great DSI projects on the living map.

3. Find potential partners to collaborate with, interact and discover other interesting DSI projects

4. Enhance and visualise your network of collaborators and raise your visibility

By registering on and mapping your organisation and your projects, you will have the opportunity to join a network of potential collaborators and showcase your work to funders of DSI and policy makers, including the European Commission. The map is rapidly evolving – to date more than 770 organisations have crowdmapped their projects and collaborative networks. However, we are sure there is still lots great work happening DSI around Europe that still isn’t mapped." (