Digital Citizens Basics

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= online course on digital rights and duties, proposed by Marco Fioretti



"Today, our rights and the overall quality of our life heavily depend on how software is used around us. This is true also for people (including children) who don't care much about computers, or don't even have one. For this reason, starting in April 2011 I will teach online the same things I wrote in the Family Guide to Digital Freedom, but interactively and always using the latest practical examples straight from the Internet. This page contains the course outline, while the Frequently Answered Questions are in a separate page. Another excellent resource to know more about the course is this interview about the course by R. Poynder. Content of the Digital Citizens Basics Course

More details about each lesson will be added shortly, but this is the main structure. The course is divided in seven lessons. The first explains some basic concepts. Each of the central five lessons is devoted to the impact of software and digital technologies on one main theme of our lives. The last lesson is reserved to cover specific aspects that most interest the participants to each edition.

Each edition of the course has a total duration of three weeks and the cost is one Euro per lesson, that is seven Euros per student" (