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= How do we teach and learn Design Justice?


Sasha Costanza-Chock:

"Finally, it is a moment that requires reflection on a critical pedagogy of design justice. We might begin with critical pedagogy and popular education, based in work by Paolo Freire, Henry Giroux, and bell hooks, and place these ideas in dialogue with design education practitioners and theorists such as Seymour Pappert and Mitchel Resnick, as well as actually existing design justice pedagogy as practices in spaces like the Detroit Community Technology Project, the MIT Collaborative Design Studio, and elsewhere. What would it mean for institutional structures to support a community-engaged pedagogy of technology design? What are the challenges in an age of the neoliberalization of the educational system? Personally when I think about this area I draw from my own experience creating and teaching the Civic Media: Co-Design Studio course, that I developed and have taught since 2012 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( I’m hoping we can build more of a public dialogue about what a pedagogy of design justice looks like in practice." (

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