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= a project for a democratic debate platform where you link arguments with sources.

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"A web site designed as a tool to help a constructive debate which goal is to democratise politics, to discuss how we can live well together.

The project is actually in beta stage and only in french. As a lot of tools are not completely designed or are under development, it’s mostly a place to discuss about the idea of demopolitique. But we also started, with some other contributors, to discuss about subjects like capitalism or education. Some interesting things have already emerged, and we all have learned from other’s contributions. It’s mostly about learning, sharing knowledge and point of vues with people that want to see things change. A place where anyone can speak about his life or work conditions and suggest how it could be improved.

The idea is partly inspired from the cahiers de doléances from the french revolution. With modern communication tools, it’s easier than ever to learn, share, discuss, collaborate... Démopolitique is about that, and it’s about promoting responsible and autonomous ways of life." (


"Demos from ancient greek : the people and Politics in the sense of affairs of the city, as it was modeled by Aristote.

And it's exactly about that : a place to let the people discuss about the affairs of the city.

The main idea was to create a sane environment to debate, to create conditions and formulate its principles to allow a constructive debate." (