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"All production and all ways of life rely on unconditional giving, the direct communication between producers, cooperation and the riches of the earth. Yet the money economy has monopolized our social and natural world for its own, self-referential and destructive purpose: profit.

The dynamic principle of the money economy is capital: money begetting more money. It turns human beings into sellers of labour time and consumers of commodities; it pits them against each other; it splits the world into value and non-value, enchaining, exploiting and deforming what it valorizes and destroying what it defines as worthless; it sorts people according to competitiveness and subordinates “the female” to “the male”. The economic and socio-ecological crisis of our times is its result.

Demonetization, by fostering conscious self-organization of producers, is the way out of it. Demonetization is the first prerequisite for a free society. Money is the means of generalized exchange of “equivalents” in terms of abstract economic value. To transcend money is to transcend commodity exchange, replacing exchange by contributions.

Yet for a demonetized society to be free from social domination, a new mode of organizing production and new ways of life must be developed. Demonetization is present in a broad range of debates and practices for another society, that is possible and necessary.! makes them visible, brings them together and explores their differences." (