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“The name is a take-off on the word “brainstorm” and it is our way of building an online community that brings all of us closer to the creative side of technology by allowing you to share ideas and collaborate with one another. The goal is for you, the customer, to tell Dell what new products or services you’d like to see Dell develop. We hope this site fosters a candid and robust conversation about your ideas. Our commitment is to listen to your input and ideas to improve our products and services, and the way we do business.” (

“launched by Dell on February 16, 2007 to allow Dell “to gauge which ideas are most important and most relevant to” the public.

After registering, users are able to add articles, promote them, demote them and comment on them. Articles can also be demoted, and a “vote half life” system[2] is used to stop older ideas which are no longer receiving votes from appearing on the popular ideas page. Dell also modifies the half live vote to prop up ideas which they feel need more exposure, as they did for the poll asking which topics Micheal Dell would be more important to cover at the 2007 LinuxWorld conference.

… Dell continues to remove comments (besides comments which are in bad taste) which leads to confusion as the thought process of the comments is left disjointed and nonsensical at times.” (