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= software for Collaborative Argumentation Analysis



"When a larger group is set to produce a common argumentation, some kind of facilitation is usually required, something today's forums cannot fully provide.

Deliberus is based on McKinsey's effective problem solving methodology with hypothesis trees with short statements in several levels, and is created to enable this methodology also for larger groups.

Deliberus is a powerful tool for joint argumentation for decisions and writings, with the potential to simplify, clarify, and anchor and to enable a more engaged and democratic organization with well grounded and powerful arguments."


"The world would benefit immensely from a web-based platform to allow an unlimited amount of participants to examine visually and contribute to debate in a non-linear fashion, minimizing complexity, noise and duplication, and enhancing the results of collaboration.

This is a discussion group focused on its creation. You might be able to help us in some way; feel free to ask questions, to refine or attack our ideas in the group - as long as you keep on topic.


We need new ways to use our collective intelligence to tame information overload. Finding truth is hard. Personal strategies for rationality are more costly and fragile than strategies that we can build into tools that we use collaboratively.

The aim of Deliberus is to let us analyse our reasoning together, see where the points of disagreement actually lie and work through them, over time, in a manner that scales with the complexity of the arguments involved.

Argument mapping is a form of intelligence enhancement or augmentation. With Deliberus, the arguments will be graphically displayed and arranged for you, leaving more of your brain's resources to do the actual thinking.

This tool will leverage our combined cognitive surplus to build a common ground for decision-making, freeing us from limitations of our working memory and minimizing noise in dealing with complex arguments."

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