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Robert Steele:

Decision-Support, also known in professional circles as Intelligence, with sub-sets by community, e.g. secret intelligence, military intelligence, commercial intelligence, energy intelligence, is a process consisting of the following functions:

Requirements Definition

  • What does the "decider" (person or group] need to know?
  • When do they need to know?
  • In what form do they need to be informed?
  • What is the context within which they will use the decision-support being provided?

Collection Management & Collection

  • Where can we FIND this information at low cost within our own knowledge bases?
  • Where can we GET this information from an ally or acquaintance at low cost?
  • Where can we BUY this information at low to medium cost within our time and security parameters?
  • How can we TASK a specific party to collect this information at a relatively high cost within our time and security parameters?


  • Machine-speed processing of large streams of digital information
  • Human processing of large quantities of analog information
  • Machine analytics
  • Human analytics
  • Group analytics
  • Visualization & presentation


  • Does the intelligence (decision-support) fully satisfy the original requirement?
  • If not, why not and what more can be done to satisfy the original requirement?
  • What new requirements are inspired by the delivery of the decision-support in the context of changing circumstances?

Repeat the cycle....