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research into sustainable intentional communities

"Interviews, documentaries, articles and travel reports, plus a knowledge base relating to decentralized, sustainable, autonomous forms of living in Europe"


"I am Mathijs de Bruin from The Netherlands. Having been frustrated for a long time about living as part of ‘the system’ (the economic and social structures that dominate our lives) I decided to exchange my house in Amsterdam for a more sustainable and humane form of life.

Within several (3-4) years my plan is to either join or found a sustainable community, being largely independent of dominating power structures forcing the exploitation of our planet and one another.

However, I do not know yet what this would look like.

What would be the best way to organize, how can we make sure all participants are fully represented?

How can we allow sustainable forms of living to scale, allowing more people to live in harmony with their environment?

What can be done to lower (economic) barriers for people to escape ‘the system’?

These and other questions I am trying to answer, while I am travelling around Europe visiting several sustainable communities or eco-villages but also hackerspaces and related events. Taking part in communnity life, contributing and talking to founders, philosophers, researchers and fellow travelers." (


The project is now moving towards a first implementation, in Northern Portugal, in the form of a sustainable community of trees ans people.

Sol Nascente Trees and People Community - Portugal

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