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Debatepedia is the new "wiki" encyclopedia of arguments and debates.



"It allows users to objectively frame public debates as they exist (not how they would like them to exist) in the public sphere between the relevant players. It enables the public to present the pro and con arguments that have been by scholars, experts, leaders, etc. It also empowers editors to present the overall positions of politicians, think-tanks, interest and activist groups, foreign leaders, etc. It does not allow users to present their own arguments. Debatepedia helps resolve an outstanding question: how can "wiki" technology be successfully applied to politics (divisive by nature), when "wikis" are a medium of consensus. The important insight and bridge is that a public debate and its public arguments can be treated as documentable facts, and that the public can arrive at a consensus in the framing of these facts. It is also important to note that Debatepedia enables the public to present all of the information necessary for an individual to develop a rational position." (Founder Brooks Lindsay)