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= American philospher


David Schweickart (born 1942) is an American philosopher. He is an editor and contributing writer to SolidarityEconomy.net, an online journal dedicated to Economic Democracy.


Question posed by the Next System Project:

"Q: Do commodification, commercialization, and the commons surface in your analysis?

A: Again, achieving a balance is the aspiration. Most goods and services are commodified and commercialized, at least those that are commodified and commercialized in the most humane and decent forms of capitalism, i.e., the social-democratic variants. Childcare, health care, education, and basic retirement needs need not be, perhaps should not be, subject to market forces. (The “perhaps” leaves open the possibility that cooperative enterprises that engage in healthy, as opposed to destructive, competition might have some role to play in these areas also.)"

(from: Economic Democracy booklet)

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