Data-Driven Approach to Decision-Making

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In Barcelona on Affordable Housing

Francesca Bria:

"Besides the citizen data pilot, Barcelona is big on using data to solve problems. “We are working towards a data-driven approach to decision-making,” Bria says.

“We are working towards a data-driven approach to decision-making.”

The city is using big data to address rising housing prices, a major challenge in Barcelona. “The increase of tourism and the impact of new business models like the one of Airbnb” have increased prices for short-term rent, she says. This has created “a problem when it comes to affordable housing,” Bria explains.

The city is “starting to use similar technologies to the one that the sharing economy platforms use” to map vacant spots which could be used to build social housing. On top of that, it is analysing data from smart meters and land occupation to learn more about illegal apartments on the short-term market, according to Bria.

With these insights, the city is working on a platform for citizens which displays an “average price index”. Citizens have a better understanding of the price distribution of houses in Barcelona “to get them to compare how much they should be able to pay, to make more affordable living,” Bria explains. She adds that other European cities such as Berlin and Paris have similar initiatives." (