Dark Wallet

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= It consists of a web browser wallet linked to an independent Bitcoin implementation that will work on added measures for privacy and security of its users.

URL = https://darkwallet.unsystem.net/


Enric Duran:

"It's promoted by the unSYSTEM Collective, that has a primary headquarters in the Calafou Hacklab.

Dark wallet intends to serve its users by providing simple tools to protect us Bitcoin users.

Their labour has the goal of providing a greater degree of anonymity and privacy for Bitcoin users, and in the long run, to offer tools to further decentralize and overcome any initiative to control it.

The goal with this is to make a leap forward in defending freedom of expression and financial freedom against the domination forces in the supranational political level, taking bitcoin further away from control from any state or repressive force, despite the efforts coming from central powers to control it.

Those of us who are working for an integral revolution, based on a cooperative and social organization aside from states, have a lot of tools to construct our vision. Some of them have the goal of protecting us, as is the case with Bitcoin."

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