Dario Taraborelli

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"I am a researcher in cognitive science and social computing based in San Francisco, where I work as a Senior Research Analyst for the Wikimedia Foundation's Strategy Team. ›› The focus of my work is on the behavioural implications of information technology, both at the individual and the social level. I am particularly interested in understanding the principles that drive online collaboration and peer production as well as reputation, epistemic authority and trust on the Web.

I am also interested in several aspects of human cognition and in a previous life I worked on perceptual theory, cognitive architecture and the relation between action and perception.

I am the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Review of Philosophy and Psychology, a peer-reviewed quarterly journal edited at the Jean Nicod Institute, focusing on foundational issues in current cognitive science." (http://nitens.org/taraborelli/home)


PDF links via http://nitens.org/taraborelli/home:

  • Taraborelli, D., Ciampaglia, G.L. (2010) Beyond notability. Collective deliberation on content inclusion in Wikipedia. doi pdf
  • Taraborelli, D., Roth, C. (2010) Viable Web communities: Two case studies. pdf
  • Roth, C., Taraborelli, D., Gilbert, N. (2008) Measuring wiki viability. An empirical assessment of the social dynamics of a large sample of wikis. doi pdf
  • Taraborelli, D. (2008) Soft peer review. Social software and distributed scientific evaluation. pdf
  • Taraborelli, D. (2008) How the Web is changing the way we trust. pdf