Daphne Dragona

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"Daphne Dragona is a media arts curator and researcher based in Athens and Berlin. She studied Archeaology and History of Art at the University of Athens and Museum Studies at University College London. From 2001 to 2007 she worked as a program curator of Medi@terra Festival at the Center for Digital Culture Fournos. Since then she has been working as independent curator and she has collaborated for exhibitions, workshops and media art events with centers, museums and festivals in Greece and abroad. Among them are the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Athens, the center Alta Technologia Andina in Lima, the center LABoral in Gijon and the festival of Transmediale in Berlin. She has participated with lectures and presentations in different conferences and festivals and articles of hers have been published in books and magazines of different countries. Her interest lies in the fields of commons based peer production, networked creativity and in forms critical resistance emerging from artistic practices in the era of datafication and quantification of everything ."