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Resume for Daniel Harris, Founder, Kendraio:

"Daniel is currently leading [Kendraio](https://www.kendra.io), which he founded in 1999, to promote an open content marketplace for the Internet. The aim is to drive interoperability between and within every link in the content value chain – enabling artists to manage their digital assets, metadata and workflow more efficiently – driving increased revenue to content owners and a more pleasurable buying experience for consumers. Having raised over 1M EUR in [research grants](https://www.kendra.io/funding) from Europe, UK and Google, Kendraio is funded into 2020.

Daniel has worked extensively in the UK Internet industry. In 1996, Daniel co-founded Cerbernet and served as CEO till late 1998. Under his watchful eye Cerbernet grew to become the UK's leading independent broadband Internet Service Provider. Cerbernet was acquired for over 4M GBP by First Telecom early in 2000 – at the height of the dotcom bubble. Daniel then worked for Atlantic Telecom as their Content Delivery Adviser till early 2001.

In 1994 Daniel co-founded Cerberus, whose CDJ (Cerberus Digital Jukebox) was the first system for copyright protected Internet-based music distribution. Drawing on video broadcast experience, Daniel specified MPEG compression, encryption and distribution technologies for the CDJ. The CDJ went on to influence a whole generation of online music stores.

Daniel is a keen environmentalist. He is cofounder of [NoPlasticApp](https://www.noplasticapp.org) – an app for shoppers to campaign for living plastic free. He is CEO and owner of [Freewheelers](http://www.freewheelers.com) - the international lift share website, matching passengers to car drivers, to reduce journey costs and pollution from car travel. Daniel was educated in art and design at London's Camberwell College. He currently lives in many places and nowhere in particular."