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Compiled from [1] :

  • DIY Network: If you’re an expert in home renovation, share your skills on this home improvement focused site.
  • Instructables: No matter what kind of knowledge you have to share you can create videos to share with and instruct others on this site.
  • Graspr: Answer questions and make instructional videos that can help viewers learn just about
  • Make Magazine: If you love being creative with tech stuff and items around the house, this site could be ideal for you to share your ideas and most successful projects.
  • DIY Chatroom: Talk with others who want to learn how to take charge of their own projects on this site and share what you know or have learned.
  • WikiHow: Contribute your knowledge to this user-created site that focuses on how-to themed articles.
  • eHow: From the practical to the outrageous, this site lets you ask and answer questions on just about everything.
  • VideoJug: Here you can post videos on everything from being a great parent to solving your own plumbing problems.
  • SuTree: This site helps you to share your knowledge about doing a wide variety of things with a great online community.
  • LovetoKnow: Designed for women, this site offers the chance to ask and answer questions on everything from getting tattoos to home improvement.