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= an open design research program dedicated to the deployment of trusted peer-to-peer energy infrastructures.

URL = http://daisee.org/


"Our mission: Build the Internets of Energ* relying on resilient, distributed, secured and trusted energy data and physical infrastructures and communities. Our goal: Provide the conditions for shared governance of energy by the grid stakeholders. Our work: deal with complexity.

We bootstrap DAISEE in 2016 as an open design program co-produced by LA M[Y]NE and CELLABZ with the very precious help of the CitizenWatt community.

The core team has federated during the Hackaday Prize 2016 while the core contributors onboarded after workshops, hackathons and meetups.

We are now starting experimentations on field at Prats de Mollo la Preste, as well as within the scope of a projet in Villeurbanne. More experimentations to come with a broader research and entrepreneurial community."

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