Cycles of Mutual Support

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Franz Nahrada:

In some distinction to Circular Economy the term "Kreislaufwirtschaft" in German refers to all kinds of economic activities. The element of intentional support and mutuality between economic / social actors is essential. Cycles of Mutual Support can be mediated by a local or group exclusive exchange medium, or they can be mediated by intention and feedback loops and thus become an important element of Demonetisation.

A very basic form of these cycles existed in traditional societies, for example in the habitual way to feed begging monks in Buddhist countries. One could argue this was a non - contractual way of living out imaginary or factual synergies between cultural and material creators.

If we could model and appreciate the benefit of a particular function in the cycles, it would help us to call for support. Crowdfunding, Sponsoring, Donating, Community Spupported Everything are some monetary forms that could be increasingly replaced with mutually stabilizing agreements that reflect the material optimisation potentials in the flow of resources and human efforts.

Biological metaphor:

Every giving needs some kind of receiving, acts of giving would be reflected in this light: what do you need to simply be able to better support others? The "cycle" appears as a "fulguration", as a progres in evolution as did the "HyperCycle" in biological evolution: "The hypercycle is a cyclic reaction scheme, wherein each replicator acts as a catalyst for the replication of the following, until the last which then assists in replication of the former, thus completing a cycle. Hypercycle elements should be simultaneously catalysts (enzymes) and replicators. They must have the ability to replicate itself and produce enzymes, that means, have a metabolism." ( "By establishing a cross-catalytic system, otherwise competing replicators could coexist, and by means of individual sequences, each one below the information error threshold, a larger genetic message could be stored. Hence the informational problem of earlier self-replicating molecules could have been solved." (