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Cybernetics is the science of control and communication. All systems can be analyze with formalized descriptions of how they process and store messages and especially feedback loops, the output of which is re-used as inputs. Cybernetics is now rarely used in discourse, having been replaced by its many avatars such as complexity theory, artificial life, network dynamics, cognitive science, robotics, which are all part of a broader 'systems theory'.


On the link between cybernetics and the commons

  1. Cybernetics of the Commons‎
  2. Cybernetics Valuable to the Commons and for Understanding AI. By Jan Krikke.

On the link between cybernetics and the possibility of a mutual coordination economy

  1. Cybernetics and Governance
  2. Red Cybernetics
  3. Socialist Cybernetics in Allende’s Chile‎


  1. Cybernetics as an Antihumanism‎
  2. Cybernetic Balance‎
  3. Economic and Social Cybernetics‎
  4. Fourth Order Cybernetics
  5. Stafford Beer on the History and Origins of Cybernetics
  6. Understanding AI through Cybernetics