Crowdsourced Problem Solving

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Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva:

· "The second form is the problem solving or Crowd Casting Network in which someone with the problem broadcasts it to a large undefined network of potential solvers.

For example, the shoe company ‘Fluevog’ is crowdsourcing designs for new shoes.

Another example is the online platform InnoCentive on which companies can source for solutions for scientific problems.

These two crowdsourcing examples are also Selective Crowdsourcing. However, according to (Schenk & Guittard 2011), this type of crowdsourcing can also be ‘integrative’ or consolidating crowdsourcing.

The goal of Integrative Crowdsourcing is to create a complete solution by integrating complementary contributions from the crowd. An important aspect of integrative crowdsourcing is the definition of clear interfaces among single complementary contributions." (