Critical Questions regarding IP and participation

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From a commentary by Martin Springer at

1. Who controls the platform to protect intellectual property?

  • one or a few private enterprises
  • many small enterprises or individuals
  • governments elected by the people

2. How can we prevent that the platform will be misused to discriminate value-chain users?

  • competition law
  • open standards
  • free and open source software (FOSS)
  • RF (royalty free) patent policies
  • flat hierarchies (every user can choose his role in the value-chain)

3. How can we prevent that protection of intellectual property frustrates innovation?

  • enforcement of copyright law (e.g. Public Domain)
  • support of copyright exemptions (e.g. education, fair use,…)
  • open licenses (e.g. Open Content, Open Source)
  • new business models (e.g. based on digital services instead of physical objects)
  • new payment models (e.g. Open Money)